RMIAN’s 2015 Accomplishments:

RMIAN provided 209 "know-your-rights" presentations to 1,795 men and women in immigration detention in Colorado.

RMIAN conducted 884 individual intakes with detained men and women.

RMIAN conducted 33 pro se workshops in the immigration detention center, providing in-depth support to 113 men and women fighting their cases on their own.

RMIAN provided intensive individualized assistance to 529 detained men and women.

RMIAN staff attorneys and volunteer attorneys represented 59 new detention cases.

RMIAN’s Children’s Program directly represented 288 children, conducted 658 intakes and consultations, and referred 205 cases to pro bono attorneys.

RMIAN gave 66 community presentations and trainings to 2,210 community members.

RMIAN provided holistic support to 45 clients through the Social Service Project.